Remember...Our flooring analysis reports last forever. You can use the information and then pass it on to the new buyers when the property is sold. Unless the walls are moved the measurements never change!

Measurement Drawing & Sample Reports

Below you can see a sample of the scale drawing and the blue-print like reports we provide to you as part of our complete flooring analysis. PLEASE BE PATIENT! The drawings and reports are scanned images and can sometimes take a few minutes to load on the page.
Most people are not aware of the fact that each type of flooring material (carpeting included) has a "grain" or "direction" to it. There are arrows or markings on the back of carpeting that MUST all run the same direction if the carpeting in two areas connect onto each other in order to do a professional job.
Notice that there are two blue-print like reports and one drawing. The reason there are two blue-print like reports is that we use our specialized computer program to reverse the direction the carpet is installed in the rooms to show you the difference between running the carpet horizontally versus vertically in our report. In our final report we include BOTH copies of the blue-print like reports so you can decide which way you prefer to have the carpet installed.
The reports show the difference in square feet-square yards, the amount of waste you will have left over in each scenario and where the seams will be in the rooms if the rooms are wider than the carpeting. Note that the seams can also be switched from one side of the room to the other to avoid being in doorways etc. and that too can effect the amount of material needed.
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